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ULTRA-DD will make its impact by the highest level internal research efforts as well as from joint projects with our partners. The ULTRA-DD network model ensures deliverables via well-managed and focused cores, and amplification of impact through collaborators. Our focus areas and deliverables are:

  • 3D structures, assays, protein samples to seed academic and industry research
  • New methodologies for integral membrane protein production and crystallography
  • Pharma medicinal chemistry expertise into the public domain
  • Producing and distributing chemical probes to facilitate discovery by academia and industry
  • Innovative assays from patient-cells/tissue to uncover disease mechanisms
  • A global network of scholars engaged in open source target validation
  • New therapeutic opportunities for auto-immune and inflammatory diseases
  • Open access research output to stimulate industrial sector drug discovery and development
  • Scientific symposia, webinars, publications and open source data base entries
  • Integrated collaborations with biotech and pharma companies to test and improve their technology platforms