Scientific Committees

To guide our efforts in WP1 (target selection) and WP6 (tissue platforms), we have formed two committees, which will work with PIs and key scientists to provide the highest level of input.

The target selection and prioritization work within WP1 will be assisted by the Target Prioritization Network (TPN), with members from the academic community and our pharmaceutical partners. The members of the TPN are:

  • Paul Bowness, University of Oxford and NDORMS (WP6 coordinator)
  • Christoph Brockel, Pfizer
  • Chris O'Callaghan, University of Oxford
  • Per-Johan Jakobsson, Karolinska Institutet and Hospital (WP6 coordinator)
  • Gilean McVean, University of Oxford
  • Nils Ostermann, Novartis (ad interim)
  • Pieter Peeters, Jansen
  • Florian Prinz, Bayer


The tissue platforms at the Karolinska and in Oxford obtains strategic advice from the WP6 Scientific Committee. The members are:

  • Stephen E. Alves, Director, Immunology-Discovery. Merck
  • Ellen Berg, Scientific Director, BioSeek/DiscoveRx
  • Anuk Das, Director, Immunology External Innovation, Janssen R&D
  • Steffen Gay, Professor, Department of Rheumatology, University Hospital Zurich
  • Sabine Hoff, Director, Laboratory Head, Bayer
  • Christelle Perros-Huguet, CSO, Inflammation & Remodeling, Pfizer
  • Lisa M Olsen, VP Immunology Research, Abbvie
  • Dhavalkumar Patel, Global Head, Autoimmunity, Transplantation and Inflammation, Novartis
  • Dr. Meera Ramanujam. Senior Principal Scientist, Immunology and Inflammation. Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Marie Wahren-Herlenius, Professor in Experimental Rheumatology, Karolinska
  • Jonathan Zalevsky, Head Immunology Research, Takeda

In addition to the Scientific Committee, we are currently assembling a Joint Management Committee for WP6, for more regular guidance and advice regarding experimental procedures and to ensure robustness and quality of results.