Tissue Platforms

Patient Tissue Platform

Within the SGC Open-Source Target Discovery Partnership, our aim is to define and validate under-explored protein targets by profiling high quality chemical and antibody probes in patient-cell derived assays, providing biomarker, target engagement and phenotypic read-outs from test systems that should more accurately mimic the disease itself. To this end, our tissue platform teams at each site develop test systems based on cells and tissue from patients and healthy controls, using primary cell systems as well as stem cell based approaches.

The current network of collaborations consists of hospitals and universities in Toronto, Montreal (Canada), Oxford (UK) and Karolinska (Sweden), with focus on auto-immune diseases, fibrosis, inflammation, neurodegenerative diseases and oncology.

With special focus on autoimmune & inflammatory conditions, we strive to identify new targets for disease modulation in SLE, myositis, systemic sclerosis, ankylosing spondylitis and Dupuytren’s disease (hand fibrosis).

Building robust assays for target prioritisation in primary patient cells with disease relevant readouts, whilst maintaining near native phenotype.

Developing quality assays with freshly isolated patient cells to support medium throughput screens of SGC chemical probes sets and MOA studies. Includes B cell readouts for autoimmune diseases (SLE, IIM), T cell readouts for AS & myofibroblast activity assays in DD and more…