• The day-to-day management of the project is the responsibility of the Scientific Director (Michael Sundström, Karolinska).
  • The Project Director (Aled Edwards, University of Toronto) has overall responsibility for the project, and to ensure that the scientific objectives of ULTRA-DD work in synergy with other complementary projects in the IMI, in the EU and globally.
  • The Project Coordinator (Nils Ostermann, Novartis) is responsible for work contributed by EFPIA members and for safeguarding their interests and overseeing their obligations.   The Project Coordinator is also the Chair of the General Assembly of ULTRA-DD.
  • A Chief Scientist (Chas Bountra, Oxford) oversees the structural biology and probes programs (WP2-5) and data dissemination (WP7). A Chief Scientist (Per-Johan Jakobsson, Karolinska) oversees the tissue platforms (WP6) in close cooperation with the local joint management teams, which comprises Scientific Director and the WP6 leads at each site at Karolinska and Oxford.

For a full list of Principal Investigators, see Organisation