12 January 2017

SGC Scientists Report the First Chemical Probe for PCAF Bromodomain

Oxford, UK, January 12, 2017, Scientists from the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) and Oxford University report the first potent and selective chemical probe for the bromodomain of PCAF in an…

19 December 2016

3D map of PC2 to jump-start drug discovery efforts in polycystic kidney disease

Oxford, UK, December 19, 2016, Scientists from the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) and Oxford University report a three-dimensional view of the Polycystin-2 (PC2), a protein that causes…

01 November 2016

IMI project partner wins public-private collaboration award

The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC), one of the project partners in IMI’s ULTRA-DD project, won the …

14 October 2016

ULTRA-DD paves way for stronger cooperation with patients

Patients already have a big role in many IMI projects, for example by helping with patient recruitment or advising on best practices in clinical trials. Now the 

29 February 2016

DiscoverX and the SGC Partner to Make an Annotated Collection of >600 Kinase Inhibitors Freely Available

Fremont, CA – February 29, 2016 – DiscoverX Corporation, the leading supplier of innovative cell-based assays and services for drug discovery and development, today announced its…

12 January 2016

DPhG Young Investigator Award for Kilian Huber

During DPhG Annual Meeting 2015 which took place in Düsseldorf September 23-25, 2015, the German Pharmaceutical Society honoured a few up-and-…

14 October 2015

Nya möjligheter med samarbeten över forskningsgränser

16 June 2015

KI i open innovation-samarbete

Source: Life Science Sweden
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14 April 2015

Patient Derived Cell Assays – The Case

The  annual number of new drug approvals is trending upwards, the number of 'first-in-class' therapies has remained relatively constant — often fewer than 10 per year. For such new medicines for '…